The Grand Story

The Mercer County Fairgrounds along with prominent business leaders from across the region have come together to create the Grand Event Center + Market Hall.

Our mission is to provide a vibrant, versatile indoor event center and arena within the Mercer County Fairgrounds to drive economic growth and support community enrichment for the greater Grand Lake Region and surrounding areas.

THE VENUES: The Grand Event Center provides a customizable space of more than 100,00 square feet to host a wide range of events, from livestock shows and concerts to tractor pulls, tradeshows, and more. Market Hall will provide 14,474 square feet of multi-purpose venue space for special events up to 1000 in attendance. This modern facility will be completed in March of 2024 and will mark the first completion of the full campus project. With it’s intended location to The Grand Event Center, this complimentary venue will be connected by a covered outdoor walkway for full extended expo and event opportunities. Combined, the two facilities will offer a space to host nearly 6,000 guests to accommodate a wide range of events.

CULTIVATING INVESTMENTS AT HOME: The far reaching economic impact of this project means enhanced quality of life for our people. Mercer County is the pride of Ohio boasting one of the most disciplined workforces that works hard and plays hard. The Mercer County Fairgrounds provides the facilities and event opportunities to keep dollars invested right her in Mercer County improving the overall quality of life by reinvested dollars in vital community infrastructure. We keep building better by working together in a shared vision of grand value for each of our 43,041 residents and beyond.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: The development of the Grant Event Center + Market Hall will be a valuable addition and bring even more events and activities to this area, complementing overall community development initiatives and goals. By hosting events locally, we can be our own catalyst for continued economic progress by keeping our spending local while attracting new customers for area businesses.

THE HEART OF MERCER COUNTY: The new facilities will also add enrichment to the area and help attract new and maintain current residents to help fill the many employment opportunities that Mercer County has to offer. More community enrichment means more passion and perspective to cultivate community cohesion and resilience while increasing meaningful connections through social functions and activities.

BRING FEDERAL AND STATE INVESTMENTS HOME: Raising funds locally demonstrates the commitment of our communities and belief in the grand vision. Nearly $4M has already been raised and has already helped make State Capital Grant Funding possible. More work is being done to secure State and Federal funds to drive the project forward. No matter the size of your partner investment, it matters! Your generosity demonstrates your vested interest in the well-being of our region and its future, the Grand Event Center and Market Hall will provide our citizens with yet another reason to be proud of the communities in which we live and work.

Where we live, work, and play in Mercer County and West Central Ohio is something uniquely special. This Grand Project helps preserve the prosperity and pride that being part of this region means deep in our hearts. This project provides a means to influence the future and provides purpose with lasting value.

cara muhlenkamp, Mercer county fairgrounds director

BE GRAND: We are seeking partners in grand progress. Sponsors and donors will bring this vision to life. Will you be GRAND and donate to this vital economic development driver in Mercer County. The impact will provide a monumental return in progressing and preserving the treasured quality of life that we value right here at home.

Committee Members

Kyle VanTilburg

VTF Excavation

Scott Tobin

SM Tobin Trucking

Jared Ebbing

Mercer County Community Development

Amy Hayes

Mercer County Fair Board Treasurer

Courtney Dicke

Office Assistant

Baily VanTilburg

VTF Excavation

Dave Buschur

Buschur Custom Farm Services

Cole Cooper

Cooper Farms

Ryan Fennig

Mercer County Fair Board President

Cara Muhlenkamp

Mercer County Fair Manager

Rachel Reichert

Graphic Designer

Eric Schmiesing

Garmann Miller

Andy Stachler

Stachler Concrete

Bruce Swonger


Bart Leininger

Mercer County Fair Board Vice-President

Tessie Collins

Mercer County Fair Secretary

Allison Ryan

MVP Dairy

Tafi Stober

Mercer County Fair, Director Of Development