How is the Grand Event Center Project different from previous failed plans to create a large-scale complex at the fairgrounds?

The Grand Event Center is designed to be a self-sustaining business for year-round use by creating the space to be fully customizable. Previous project plans had limited uses.

Will there be enough parking?

There are 2,500 existing spots available to support Grand Event functions with plans for all-weather spots in addition to other overflow parking throughout the fairgrounds.

Who is funding the Grand Event Center?

We are currently seeking financial support from potential sponsors like you and your business.

Will this facility be self-sustainable? Yes. We will need time to grow into the center which is why we are seeking donations to fully fund the center from the beginning to give us time to get events booked. A business plan is available by request.
email info@mercercountyohiofair.com

The 5,000+ capacity seems huge for a Mercer County facility won’t that be too large?

The capacity for a concert type event would be 5,200, however, with the arena in use for events like livestock shows, tradeshows or tractor pulls the capacity will vary as different events will have different needs.

Am I limited to the sponsorship options and benefits listed?

No, we recognize that each supporter may find value in different types of recognition methods and we are open to exploring additional opportunities.

I already support the fairgrounds, how is this project different?

Although the Grand Event Center will be located at the fairgrounds, it’s geared towards reaching beyond our community. With the endless possibilities of trade shows, expositions, concerts, and more, we have an opportunity to keep our spending local while bringing in additional spending from event goers.

My business has nothing to do with agriculture, what’s in it for me?

The Event Center is not limited to just one industry. The space has been designed to be easily adaptable to fit the needs of numerous events.

How does the Event Center help my business?

In addition to bringing new spending into the community new events and functions add enrichment to the community and are attractive to your current or future employees.

How will my sponsorship money be used?

100 percent of the proceeds will go towards funding the construction of the Grand Event Center and Market Hall.

Is my donation tax deductible?

The Grand Event Center is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, therefore your donation is tax deductible as allowed by law.

When is my sponsorship pledge due?

We are now accepting sponsorship pledges for the 2023 year. Your five-year pledge will be billed annually and can be adjusted to meet your fiscal schedule.

Why are sponsorships a mulit-year commitment?

Larger sponsorships can be pledged up to a five year span to offer more flexibility for donors while still allowing the Grand Event Center committee to move forward with proper project funding.